Art Athina 2016



Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle


Blender Gallery presents the second solo exhibition of Taxiarchis Mermiris «Vicious Circle». The duration spanning from March 3 to April 16. The circular approach and recurring patterns are a key component thematically and compositionally in the works of the series “Vicious Circle” of Taxiarchis Mermiris.

Through an obsessive delirium, conflicting concepts are born, swell and massively spread taking the stance of an infectious virus. Resurfacing characters recycle extreme behaviors and engage in endless civil conflicts. Within the effervescence showdown, fraud and the sadism interact and alternate with fear, submission, and self-destruction. Statements with multiple interpretations affect social issues, mocking the vain internal struggle and compulsion.

Caustic detail revealing situations that sometimes may shock but simultaneously captivating the viewer. In a jumble of intense drama, biblical references, the folktale element and the infinite beauty of human stupidity take a leading role. A theater of the absurd without end and beginning, the upcoming exhibition of Taxiarchis Mermiris will certainly be discussed!

Homo Stultus

Homo Stultus Exhibition


In the Homo Stultus collection, Taxiarchis Mermiris creates a hoard of brilliantly stupid people who, within the context of diverse environments, are ready to show off their power and hunger for world domination.